The TrialAnalytics tool with clear and dynamic visualizations helps reduce time spent on compiling and analyzing the study data for the outcomes of a study based on therapeutic area, site analytics and investigator experience. This helps in the accurate calculation, and the anticipation of the success rate of a clinical trial before planning.

Cinque Terre

Therapeutic Area

Study data collected for a particular therapeutic area over years is procured and processed to generate a thorough output of the study outcomes in a graphical representation for better planning and analysis to mitigate risks associated with the trial.

Site Analytics

Visualize and interpret the outcome analysis based on the performance and experience of the site, which is calculated by the number of trials successfully conducted at the site. The trend analysis to predict hidden patterns is the key for planning a trial at a particular site.

Investigator Analytics

The success of a trial also depends upon the experience of the Investigators in successfully handling a large number of clinical trials. The pattern analysis of risks, recurring issues at the sites for a specific therapy experienced by the Investigator all form a basis for clinical intelligence for effective planning to conduct trials.