Data Migration Services

We offer a broad spectrum of Data Migration services ranging from migrating study data in legacy systems or other EDC tools, data migration exclusive for Study Site, Subject and Investigator analysis using the innovative TrailAnalytics tool and Data Integration with devices and wearables. A precise and well-defined technical methodology is followed by expert led Data Migration team to preserve the integrity of study data during the migration process by performing in depth validations and extensive data reviews and testing.

Data Migration Plan

Professional Database Architects develop a comprehensive plan to migrate study data from other applications using a series of standard processes which includes data cleaning, migration assessment, preparation of a data migration specification, develop migration scripts, validation of the target database, User Acceptance Testing and production deployment.

Data Cleaning

Data Migration team ensures data in the study data is complete and all open discrepancies are addressed by the site personnel before migrating the study data into the SyMetric EDC system.


A detailed Migration Assessment is performed to determine the feasibility of the study migration considering the parameters for the study – the length of the study, days study conducted and time and budget risks involved in migration.

Mapping Specification

A Data Mapping Specification maps source data with the data in the target database. All metadata associated with the migrated data is also mapped (audit trail, electronic signatures, etc.). Lab data is mapped with 'existing' EDC system or imported directly from the lab (source) into the 'SyMetric' EDC system.


Develop reusable data migration scripts, which transform the data and can be applied to multiple studies. The Migration scripts are thoroughly reviewed for errors and utilized for migration.


Risk-based validation procedures are deployed to check for data completeness according to Clinical Data Management best practices and correctness or accuracy of data migrated to the SyMetric EDC System. Standard methodologies for Quality Assurance are followed to validate the study migration.

User Acceptance Testing

A thorough UAT of the newly migrated database is performed including the migrated study data. All the Case Report Forms are tested along with the edit checks, lab imports, coding tools, reports, and data extracts. The workflows for data review, monitoring, and query resolution are extensively reviewed to be appropriate.

Customized Database Design, Screen Testing & Development

We develop and configure databases based on study specific requirements and perform methodical regression testing with well-crafted test scripts for validating the database data integrity.

Production Deployment and Training

The personnel representing the clinical sites, CRO and sponsor are trained on the UAT system after the completion of the deployment process. Role based access is provided to the users to perform the study activities.