Data Management Services

SyMetric provides high-quality and cost-effective data management services to support accurate collection, standardization, cleaning and analysis of study data essential to ensure data quality and compliance to global standards.

Data Management Plan (DMP)

We devise and develop a comprehensive plan for the Data Management activities required for appropriate study data acquisition with defined quality standards as per the ICH-GCP Guidelines.

Study Build Activities

Easily build studies with dynamic visit structures, workflows, version management and calculated subject scheduling with the powerful and flexible study setup module.

SAE Reconciliation

Robust data extraction methods allow faster retrieval of AE and SAEs reported in the study for quick and efficient reconciliation with safety listings saving time and effort for the clinical team.

Edit Checks Programming and Validation

Simple or complex real-time edit checks programmed by our experienced team guided by systematized data validation specifications created after extensive study protocol interpretation assures validity and accuracy of the study data.

Lab Data Management (Implementing Lab Reference Ranges)

Ensure the capture of accurate lab result values with in range in the system by uploading list of reference ranges specific to each laboratory test parameter.

Data Cleaning, Database Lock, Data Exports & Data Archival

Consistent reviews together with the advanced discrepancy manager module helps to identify data issues and ensures a clean and complete database for the final analysis with data exports in .csv and .xls formats after database lock.

Online Training

Learn about SyMetric products from anywhere in the world with the interactive Online Training Tool through videos that describe step by step transactions and questionnaires for enhanced learning experience.

Customized Database Design, Screen Testing & Development

We develop and configure databases based on study specific requirements and perform methodical regression testing with well-crafted test scripts for validating the database data integrity.

CRF Designing and creation of data entry guidelines

Get your eCRFs designed by SyMetric’s team of experts complemented with study specific eCRF data entry guidelines document to effectively collect study data.

Quality Assurance and Quality Control

Our gold standard procedures governed by well-defined policies guarantee absolute quality in the processes at all stages of the study from initiation to the close out.


The Built-in ticketing system enables customer service representatives to label and triage requests for quick resolution. Centralized support request repository can be searched and referenced to look up past requests for solutions related to recurred problems.