Interactive Web Response System

The constructive IWRS caters to well-organized, systematized drug supply between different investigation sites reducing drug wastage to a bare minimum as well as proactively handle complex randomization procedures for single arm and large multi-arm, multicentred studies.


SyMetric Platform with Dynamic Adaptive Randomization helps to avoid the imbalance of covariates across subjects, resulting in balanced Treatment Assignment irrespective of Sample Sizes.

Patients Handling

Patients Handling on SyMetric Platform provides Subject Screening and Enrolment, Visit Management, IP dispensing and receipt, Unblinding, Withdrawal and Completion tools to manage the Subjects effectively and efficiently.

Drug Logistics Handling

SyMetric Platform with robust IP supply management functionality allows drug supply managers to tightly control the supplies sent to Sites, adjust supply strategies for Sites based on the remaining treatment arms and new ratios.

Sites Handling

It is Easy to register, configure and manage investigation sites in SyMetric Platform. Site management tool enables the clinical research monitors to activate, deactivate and reactivate the sites based on study-specific requirements and site performance metrics.