Developed for scalability, and flexibility the powerful trial management system provides pliable and optimized solutions for complicated clinical trials. The integrated platform enables the end-user to perform seamless end-to-end cross-modular transactions for productive trial outcomes ensuring quality and regulatory compliance.

Cinque Terre
Volunteer Management System

Biometric information is a fool-proof way of representing volunteer details that enables validation of cross-study participation. It also helps in identifying subjects easily during Check-In and Check-out activity. Volunteer registration is directly done with all the demographic details and Biometric information. Barcodes on the Patient ID card helps to pull out the volunteer information from the system making patient handling and sample management easier.                                                                                

Lab Management System

LMS tool is designed to ease the integration of lab data into the eCRF and allows you to effectively manage associated lab data with pre-configured parameters and reference ranges specific to the study.

Sample Management System

Reliable tracking, organization and reporting of samples are done as they make their way through the scientific process that leads to influential therapeutic decisions. It also provides a flexible way to quickly identify the storage location of a sample. The tool helps maintain accountability and validation of all biological samples including its segregated samples through barcode scans and unique IDs for easy tracking.                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Comprehensive Reports

The Reports module offers a full complement of built-in comprehensive standard reports which enables the study managers to have a bird’s-eye view of the project-related activities, site operations and supply management. The standard reports help to track milestones, maintain calendars for study timelines, manage resources and enhanced visibility in the inventory supply management. Ad-hoc reports can be configured and generated easily for a full-scale view of the study-specific activities.